As an artist, Berto makes his roving presence known through large-scale public and private works, which first popped up on walls in Sydney, Australia before migrating to sites in New York and L.A. His multi-story murals are painted by hand in an exacting, weeks-long process, resulting in monuments to color, frequency and pattern influenced as much by Frank Stella & Keith Haring by the surf in Dakar and the streets of Berlin. Works by Berto often function as vibrant tone-setters for neighborhoods coming into their own, and he’s recently completed projects for The Factory in Long Island City, the ROW DTLA in Los Angeles & Brooklyn’s Local Fare, with prominent commissions and partnerships on the near horizon.

Berto is rarely pinned to one particular location, but is usually found where the city meets the sea. When he isn't in the water, dangling from a building or at large abroad, he works out of his home studio in Ventura, California.

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